Charlotte, North Carolina. For some, the city brings joy and memories instantly back into their mind; while others cringe at the thought of their hometown. It's been from three months to five years since some have been back to Charlotte, but something or someone is drawing them back in. Will it be the same as they left it? Will the people be the same? They left for a specific reason in the first place. But everyone has to go back sometime, right?

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"Let me go home. I've had my run, Baby. I'm done. I gotta go home. Let me go home. It will all be all right, I'll be home tonight. I'm coming back home."

The One That Got Left Behind - Daniel Vaughn - Age 21

Daniel Vaughn had his life planned out over four years ago. He may have only been a high school Senior, but he knew what he wanted to do and who he wanted to spend it with. You couldn’t have gone to any of Charlotte’s public high school without knowing who Daniel was. Every Tuesday and Thursday night, he would grace you with his presence on the basketball courts literally blowing up the score boards. Every record that was at his local high school, he broke – then was broken again by himself. During those four years of high school, Daniel started dating the girl he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, Katherine Roberts. It wasn’t as if they’d never met before, they’d grown up together in the same group of friends and even family friends. But something happened the summer after freshman year, for some reason his mind would begin to wander to the raven haired beauty until finally she consumed it. After about a month of awkward encounters, mostly on Daniel’s part, he finally got the courage up to ask her out on a date. After that, they were inseparable. Meant to be. Until, the end of senior year when Katherine’s parents forced her to go away to college at Vanderbilt. His true love was shipped away from him, 340 more or 7 hours to be exact. It started out alright; they would call each other every night, video chat, text. Then after a while, things just started getting slower, and the calls every night turned into texts once making small talk. Daniel Vaughn was heartbroken and devastated. He started skipping basketball practices for the college team, leading to him getting kicked off and losing his scholarship. Now, a year later, his parents can’t afford to send him back to a University so he’s stuck at home taking classes at the community college to at least get a diploma. The only thing keeping him sane is Lily Daniels, his best friend from high school.

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